This is the time that recruiting can start heating up.  Families should be taking unofficial visits and talking about what type of school suits the student-athlete.  It is appropriate to initiate contact with coaches to introduce yourself and express interest (though coaches are restricted in how they can respond).  You also want to ensure that you are getting the right visibility in front of the target coaches. 


  • Initial list of target schools based on expressed goals.  Feedback on how realistic target schools are and what will be necessary to gain admittance and play on team.  

  • Coaching on how and when to initiate communication with college coaches.

  • Calendar planning (when to contact coaches, take visits, tournaments and events to play in, how to increase rating/ranking).

  • Time to refine your college list and think about contacting coaches to express interest. Re-evaluate college list.  Is it realistic? What needs to be accomplished to qualify?

  • Evaluate tournament schedule.

  • Start visiting some colleges during school breaks or around select tournaments.

  • Assistance creating recruiting video.

  • Quarterly review of progress and update goals and plan.